Your custom rainmaker service — making sure your company is recognized by your Biggest and Best VIP prospects!
  • What We Do

    Each week when the Business Journal publishes its Top 25 lists, we help companies market to those lists by sending out customized marketing materials.
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  • Continuous Targeted Marketing

    We take care of this cost-effective, specialized service for you, week after week, while you focus on other priorities.
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  • Delivered to
    Key VIPs

    Enjoy knowing your company’s materials will be delivered to the largest, most influential, and well-connected VIP prospects in your key industries. It's good business sense to regularly market to these prospects, so YOUR company comes to mind when they are in need of your services!
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Each week, your materials reach 25 targeted VIP prospects in key industries for your market! As a business development best practice, becoming known by this group is essential for growth.

  • Three easy steps!
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Step 1: Meet your personal Rainmaker. +

Step One

Meet your personal
Top 25 Agency Rainmaker
and select your plan now:
(Marketer, Business Developer,
or Rainmaker).

Step 2: Your custom-built prospect list is created. +

Step Two

Your custom-built highly targeted
prospect list is created for you -—
over 1,000 of your biggest VIP
prospects in selected industries
that matter most to you and
your business.

Step 3: VIPs are presented with your business information. +

Step Three

Every week, without fail,
incredibly successful professionals
are being strategically
presented with information
about your business!

Select a Best Business Development That Fits

Select a Business Development Plan That Fits

Choose from one of three specialized plans to market your business. Each plan comes with a customized VIP prospect list for YOUR unique business.

Review Plan Options
Top25 Agency Business Development FAQs


A selection of frequently asked questions about Top 25 Agency's signature marketing and business development service for you.

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Take Action Today

Take action today. We know exactly what to do! We've designed the process to be painless, quick, and easy.

Imagine: Week in and week out, your marketing and business development materials are being sent out -- and not just to any prospect list, but to the best of the best. These are the select group of clients you'd absolutely love to attain, if only you could. The truth is, a shot on goal is never a bad play. And you have to play to win. So what are you waiting for?

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Preliminary Steps

Powerful Marketing Done for You!
Five Effortless Steps

  1. Working with your personal Top 25 Agency Rainmaker, you choose the plan that best meets your business needs and budget.
  2. You choose up to 52 key industries to which your company would like to market (we have a checklist to make this selection effortless).
  3. If you have chosen The Business Developer Plan, a custom letter will be included (we’re happy to write the letter for you, or you can write your own).
  4. We gather a supply of your company’s materials that will be used in your VIP marketing campaign (e.g., business cards, brochures, envelopes, letterhead, etc.). Please see our Customized Marketing Needs page if you need assistance with marketing materials.
  5. We warehouse all of your materials, contacting you when your supply is running low.

Each Week

Continuous Marketing

  1. Your marketing packages are prepared for mailing. If there is a custom letter, it is printed directly onto your letterhead each week, personalized for each targeted prospect.
  2. Your company’s materials are then delivered to your highly targeted VIP prospects. You are now marketing year-round to the biggest and best businesses in your area!
  3. Return to step 6 and we do it all again, week after week!

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